Tuesday, March 13, 2012

this week...9 SCHOOL days til break!

Well, we began our COUNTDOWN until break on Monday. Can you believe that we have only 9 school days until students and teachers get 2 weeks off. What are you going to do? I am heading to Sedona and Vegas with the Stitt family. We are very excited for some R and R and some time out on the town.

This week during reading it's so nice because WRITING and READING workshops align perfectly! Yea! They are both covering NON fiction. WE are studying nonfiction TEXT features such as: labels, titles, table of contents, bold words, glossary...etc. We are working on an INTERACTIVE bulletin board where the kids find and cut out the listed things and glue them in the designated spot on the board. Kids will work on this Friday while I am not here. Ms. Dolman will be the substitute.
Skills this week include consonant blends. Click here to watch the MOVIE!
Snap words include: one, two, three, four, and five
Kids took a break from regular WORD work to work on a Clover "consonant blends" matching game. Students are working on playing concentration with the clover word cards, writing them, reading them and matching them. You will see the game come home on Friday. You should play CONCENTRATION with your child.

Writer's workshop this week includes working on our All About book. Students did a nice job of researching their Wyoming animal. If you would like to see the website we used...click here! If you would like to LOGIN..let me know.
Students just finished today drafting a second page in their books. We look to publish by next Wednesday. Stay tuned for more information.
With that being said, please let me know if you plan to take off early on Spring break. :)

Math includes:
1. Slate activities
2. Subtraction review
3. Practice with Attribute blocks
4. What's my rule?
5. Number stories "Stage 2"
6. Two digit number review

We will work on WEAVING and dying fabrics!

I promise to upload pictures of more guest readers soon....things are busy around here!

Alta Kindergarten Screening date has been set!
April 24th
Please stop by before then to pick up your packet.

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