Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey...we have 5 days this week!

Last week was full of guest readers and fun activities. Pictured below are some of our SURPRISE guest readers.

Molly Goodrich (Kindergarten teacher before me)

Lisa Johnson (PTO)

Ms. Stitt

Becky Mitchell

Green EGGS and ham...yum!

Dana Wilson

Char O'Brian

Crista Pentz

Wacky Hat day!

Kurt Mitchell

Rob Moeller

Tracy Poduska

Keep checking back this week for more pictures of last week. I have so many! YIKES!

This week in Kindergarten we will be wrapping up our unit on DRAWING conclusions by revisiting charades...Mystery bag and using text to practice drawing conclusion using the clues the author gives us.
Letter of the week: Ll
Snap words: REVIEW: do, they, are, you, that
Guided reading books coming home Tuesday - Thursday (please make sure to read them and send them back to school as it helps me teach my reading groups)

During Math we will be
1. Playing Roll and Record (practicing counting up from a given number and adding)
2. Feeling shapes
3. Body and Rope shapes
4. Shape comparisons
5. The subtraction symbol

During writing we will be kicking off yet another ALL about book (non fiction)
Students will be choosing a Wyoming animal to research and write about. This will be the last of this type of book and we will close our Kindergarten year with Letter writing and personal narratives.

During Science we will be still discovering, exploring and learning more about Fabric (possibly dying and weaving this week).

Things to know:
3rd graders will be in our classroom all afternoon on Friday due to the 4th graders taking the PAWS test. I am excited to have my first class at Alta back in my classroom. Yea! Kindergartners will love the company as well. Things will to schedule.

Tracy is here on Wednesday.

15 days until Spring Break! *But who's counting?

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