Monday, November 7, 2011

Report card week {Griffin Gazette}

LOOK in your child's red folder tonight for their REPORT card! I slaved hard on them and am finally finished! Please look it over and bring it to your parent/teacher conference if you have any questions. I am very excited to meet with you this week.

This week in READING...
We are continuing on the letter /Aa/ and UNDER the sea. Since the 4 day week and Halloween stole some of my teaching time. I am going to hang out UNDER the SEA until Thursday. We will spend the week reviewing and mastering. 
Kindergartners are working hard to make connections.
Text to self
Text to text
Text to movie (some have claimed it)
Kindergartners are mastering the DAILY 5. Kindergartners are learning all about NON-fiction books. Check in with your child on non-fiction books. Next time you are at the library explore the nonfiction section too!
I have some great hand-outs for you to use at home when you read with your child that I will hand out on conference night. If you are chomping at the bit. Look HERE!

This week in MATH...
TEEN partners (more teen practice) Look here for song!
Arranging objects by length
Paper chains with teen practice
Estimation jars
BEGIN number stories (stage 1) addition and subtraction

This week in writing...
We begin TRIMESTER 2...
NON-fiction (Expert books)
Kindergartners will start to brainstorm an animal that they know a lot about (2 or 3 facts)...
We will write down our facts.
We will be introduce to a sample expert book. 
We will do practice pages and make transfers. 
Students will work on individual goals with teacher during conferences.

SCIENCE this week includes...
Caring for and observing our guppies and goldfish....hmmm, a guppy is pregnant. uh-oh!

Other news:
1. Veterans day assembly is Thursday at 2:00. Grant Wilson will speak to the kids about Veteran's day. I will also be speaking with the Alta school about my friend who is a pilot in Afghanistan. We will work to send 4 boxes over in the next few weeks. Be on the look out for a list of things the soldiers have requested Thursday night. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. They will greatly appreciate it.
2. PICTURE RETAKES are Tuesday...come dressed and ready. This is for our school and individual pictures. 
3. Parent/teacher conferences are this week. Please let me know if you won't make it. I am planning on 100% attendance. 
4. No school on FRIDAY due to P/T conference week. Have another great 3-day weekend!
5. November 17th at 11:20 is our THANKSGIVING day lunch. Visitors are welcome. Let Ms. Rose know in advance if you are coming.
6. Your children were taught today how to dress in under 2 minutes in their snow clothing. Our classroom goal is 2 minutes or less! Watch here for tricks and tips.  *Just scroll down to the video of the little boy getting dressed. He's 5 and he's fast!

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