Monday, November 28, 2011

BAck at it!

Welcome back! I had 5 kids show up on time. That's 50% of the class...yikes. I guess everyone is feeling like this guy pictured above. I felt like him for a whole day. Bleck! The Griffin's had a blast visiting both Chico and Bozeman. Whityn swam everyday and we ate way too much! It's good to be back! Hope to see everyone by Friday!

This week we are transitioning from November to December! During reading we are focused on READING all of Laura Numeroff's books such as "If you give a mouse a cookie"...and there are tons of others. Your family times says: Animal Babies which we will be reading (but during writing time as we continue to focus on non-fiction). The skills are the same but I am using books that better help to teach the comprehension skills and reading strategies. This week we will focus on: Cause and Effect, reviewing sequencing a story, begin to make predictions, and learn about a story circle. 
Letter of the week: /Pp/ 
See the family times for more.
Kids will begin to learn about the HANDY reading strategies this week. Please refer to it at home if needed.

In writing we will continue on in our "EXPERT book"! Aren't you glad to know that kindergartners are experts?

During math we will focus on the following skills:
Symmetry by making CHRISTMAS trees
Teen numbers (follow the leader)
Number books (practice writing and representing numbers)
Macaroni or fruit loop necklaces ( creating and describing patterns)
Roll and Record (review counting and number recognition through a graphing activity)

During Science:
I guess we will discuss death (as 2 fish died)
Observe what happens with guppies and goldfish when a tunnel is added into the tank.
Compare and Contrast both fish.
Read Animals Two by Two

Other news:
Christmas auditions were today...too bad Kindergartners can't be leads huh?
However they are in the play. We begin SONG practice tomorrow everyday until the play. We will be singing from 10:00 until 10:30. With that being said...I am going to go ahead and cancel all volunteers this week which means no more volunteers until January 9th. Please email me if you are still interested in volunteering. The needs of the class have changed and that means that my schedule will look differently so let me know if you are still available. I will send out a more formal sign up later in the week. 
Looking ahead to next week: I am out Tuesday and Wednesday for mapping reading for Kindergarten over in Jackson. I am also out of Friday due to a personal day. 
Stay tuned! 
Mrs. Griffin 

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