Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little Halloween...a little learning...

Mrs. Crista reads a spooky story.

Cecilia delivers popcorn pumpkins to her friends.

Tristan examines his popcorn pumpkin.

A little Halloween game was pretty hard!

The mummy game was easy...and funny!

Wrap those mummies!


With a smile now.

Mrs. Farrier does a nice face painting job.

Another guest reader....can you tell who it is?

Is it a bear or a lion?

Look at these Halloween treats that Deb made...hands with yummy treats inside.
A little learning...
Meet Ben and Jerry...our new goldfish.
The kids began their first science investigation by observing the goldfish...and drawing and labeling what they saw.
Meet John, Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko....the guppies.
1 to 1 correspondence....0-10
With buttons and beans....
Perfecting our names...Big letter...followed by little letters.
Working on first and last names.

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