Monday, November 21, 2011

Mini Griffin Gazette - a few happenings

So I was busy over the weekend with lots of organizing, crafting, cleaning and PACKING! I got 4 boxes packed up nice and tight for our soldier buddies over the ocean. Thank you so much for helping me make it a success by donating something...I have so much stuff...that I will send another 4 boxes in 6 weeks.


It was so fun to pack them all up. I felt like a little elf. I really appreciate you helping me fill the boxes. What a great service we did!
Last week in Kindergarten...we mastered the ART of the daily 5. This picture on the right is a group of kids who chose WORD WORK. They are working with tiles to make 2,3, and 4 letter words. Then they read them and write them down.
This great pair chose READ TO SOMEONE. They took turns retelling books, reading words and pictures and discussing them.
This crew of 4 chose LISTENING to READING. They plugged into and listened without looking because they were working on visualizing. They drew pictures instead in their minds and on their paper!

Last week we celebrated THANKSGIVING at school. We had our annual TURKEY lunch and our parents came. It was delicious!

Even Virgil made it.

Some sibling snuggles.

Excited about TURKEY!

Excited to be here!

This week in Kindergarten...
We are going to focus on giving writing, reading and learning about THANKSGIVING..THANKFUL...and what it means. We are going to immerse ourselves in TURKEY the one coming home today. If you like my turkey projects...check out and if you don't become obsessed...then well, you don't...but I am. We even have turkey math...:)

Kindergartners will have 2 fun-filled days! Wahoo! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am leaving Wednesday to go to Chico Hot Springs. Wherever you travels bring you...I hope that you arrive safely. Have fun and eat a lot! 

See you on the 28th! Wednesday the 30th is my last VOLUNTEER day until I re-evaluate the schedule for January.

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