Sunday, November 28, 2010

Well, I ate my share of turkey...did you? We ended up not going to Denver due to road conditions. We were bummed, but had fun with Mrs. Stitt and her family in Victor. What did you do?

This week in Kindergarten we will be getting back into the swing of things. 
Concept question- Where does a bear hibernate?
Book-Bear Snores on *Your child will listen and participate in an INTERACTIVE readaloud
Letter of the week: Cc /k/ *hard c sound
Snap words: reteaching WE,MY,LIKE
Comprehension skill: Realism and Fantasy
Look for your child to bring home a book to read Tuesday-Thursday. Please help by reading and SENDING back to school. 
Amazing words: hibernate, lair, winter, cave, woods, blustery

We will keep pushing forward on our "Expert" books. We left off last week learning how writers sometimes "try it or draft" a practice page first, then copy it to make it better. 

Math Skills include:
*Measurement with objects (interlocking cubes or other nonstandard measuring devices) and measuring the BLUE WHALE with body measures
*Pocket problems (addition and subtraction using concrete experiences)
*Number card games (sequencing numbers 0-20, top-it *war-type card game)
*Probability stories (introducing basic language of probability)
*Probability tray (developing understanding)

Science and Social Studies:
Holidays and Animals in the late Fall

*Parents...PLEASE help your child bring back their WATER bottle. I sent them home on Tuesday to take a trip through your dishwasher. 
*Please help your child remember his/her classroom shoes. We cannot be without shoes in the rooms. Bring snow boots and indoor shoes. THANKS.
Have a wonderful week back.

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