Monday, November 15, 2010

A Jellyfish...A Jellyfish....A griffin gazette

This week in Kindergarten: 
We are reading Animal babies in grasslands
Question: Who lives in the grasslands? *Ask your child this question
Phonics skill: /Pp/
Comprehension skill: Main Idea and Author's purpose
Your child will be bringing home a book to practice Tuesday - Thursday. Please help me by reading with your child and making sure the book comes back to school (even if it's a paper book) because often times we re-read the book in reading groups. Thanks.

NEW skill: RESPONDING to Reading with our new READING response journals. Today we wrote about our favorite GRASSLAND animal baby after reading from ANIMAL babies in grasslands.

Below you will find pictures of us with our JELLYfish from last week after studying the ocean...stay tuned for a video of the jellyfish song.

More non-fiction....planning our "EXPERT" book. 
*Generating facts
*Choosing a layout
*visiting AUTHOR's purpose
*Learning about table of contents and FACT boxes

Practice writing numbers
Creating and describing patterns with macaroni necklaces
Review counting and number recognition through a graphing activity
Introducing the pan balance as a tool to compare the weights of objects

Turkeys, Animal babies, FOOD CHAINS, Native Americans, Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving

APPLE turkeys this Friday...LET ME KNOW if you would like to help with the project or buy supplies. THANKS.

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