Sunday, November 7, 2010

4 day week!

This week will be a four day week...we have Friday off due to PARENT/TEACHER conferences on Wednesday and Thursday evening. I am looking forward to meeting with each of you.

We are reading Armadillo's Orange
Your child will be bringing home a book from reading group Tuesday-Thursday (which means you will have the RED folder over the weekend. Please remember to send the folder and book back on Monday.)
Letter of the week: Ss
See the FAMILY TIMES for more

We are launching Information books this week. Kindergarten refers to these books as "Expert" books. Be ready for your child to talk about NON-FICTION!!! 
Speaking of Writing....last Friday we had our Writing Celebration with a buddy. Kindergarten voted to invite one "guest of honor" to the party. Most kids invited a student in the school, but some kids invited their moms. IT was a huge success. We broke into groups with our buddy and shared our piece that we published in September and the piece we published in November. Kids and adults were impressed. WE also shared some snacks....cookies (THANKS Martha), apples (Thanks Monroe Family), popcorn and grapes. It was a nice way to end the week. Below you will find some pictures of our celebration. 

Even the Bus Driver comes to hear us read...Thanks Vancie.
Getting cozy...
 Sharing with my buddy.
Lucky Mom...
Yeah Super Critters!!!

Math: Launching Unit 3 this week...
*Number writing
*Number stories
*Counting games

Animals....Food Chains and Predator and prey...

Picture remakes are the 9th if you are interested!
Report Cards come home on Tuesday! Please review it and bring it to the conference if you have any questions.

PARENT/TEACHER conference times are posted outside my door if you forgot...

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