Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A spooky Griffin Gazette

To make this newsletter extra exciting...I've included some pictures from "Halloween" last Friday. Enjoy! Please scroll all the way down for important news...glad to see the 12 days of Halloween behind us.....now moving on to the turkey!
LINED UP to begin the parade!!!!
READING: This week we will be reading LIFE IN AN OCEAN
Letter of the week: Aa
Snap Words: have, is
See the FAMILY times for more..
Those silly 4th graders....
WRITING: This week we will wrap up our Launching and Small moments unit. We hope to publish on Friday.  Some things we will be working on include: choosing a piece to fix up, editing and fancying up, PUBLISH!
 Nothing like a smoky brew...made by a green faced witch....
 And the bobbing begins...
 They did really well...

 right through the middle...
 wrap your mummy

 I would like to take credit for all of this yummy food....but I can't! Thanks to Kim Gillett! WOW!
Visiting 1st grade
 the witches 
being productive on Halloween day...

Other news:CAREFULLY go through the RED folder tonight....lots of important info. in there!!!

This week wraps up Trimester 1...can you believe it? Report cards go home next Tuesday. Your parent teacher conferences have been scheduled for you. Tonight you will receive a note about your scheduled time and a green sheet I would like you to fill out and send back to me by Friday. This is very helpful for our meeting. I am looking forward to meeting with each of you next week. We have some great things to talk about. 

NO Virgil this week due to the short week. He will take a long needed nap.

VOLUNTEER CALENDAR is coming home tonight in your child's folder. Please post it somewhere if you are a volunteer. THANKS!

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