Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 5 Griffin Gazette

Here we go...
This week we will have somewhat of an Apple theme to our learning. We will do it in honor of Johnny Appleseed and Fall. 
For Reading: We are reading FIX IT DUCK by Jez Alborough
Letter recognition: F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N
Comprehension Skill: Setting
Snap Words: Reteach I, AM
See your FAMILY times that comes home tonight for more.
*An exciting element beginning this week during will be the FIRST GRADERS coming in on Tuesday - Thursday for direct instruction. I am excited about this opportunity to co-teach with Ms. Pittel.
For Math: 
This week we will be wrapping  up Unit 1 with the following skills-
*Develop number sense and counting skills through an oral counting game
*Body Height Comparisons - practice and comparing lengths
*Finger counting fun
*PROJECTs: Numbers in our World...neighborhood walk on THURSDAY noticing numbers in our world, making our Classroom Telephone book and WHERE we live mural. Please help my letting me know which phone number you would like your child to memorize.
For Writing:
Wrapping up our Launching Writer's workshop Unit with Caramel dip and apples on Thursday. We will publish (small celebration) and share as a class.
Topics include:
Writing...using our Heart Map
Making Lists
More Functional Writing
See Math Projects
Tree Counting and walk
APPLE puppets and poems
Apple prints
Other news:
All grades will be testing this week (QUIET VOICES) 
WE came up with our CLASSROOM MISSION: We are Super Critters (in case you were wondering, Super Critters are kids who follow the rules, learn what is taught and fill people's buckets.) You may see super critters flying around our room. We decided that we would put a super critter "up" by something that needs to be learned. The kids are excited about their mask and star. Look for your super Critter outside our classroom door.

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