Sunday, September 12, 2010

Griffin Gazette...week 3

This week in Reading we will be reading BROWN Bear, BROWN Bear to review our colors, numbers, animals and enjoy one more relaxed week before we kick off our READING workshop. 
Community Building this week will include reading "Chrysanthemum" to the class and doing some "NAME" activities. We will be talking about our names, where they are from, what they mean, if we like them, nicknames, initials, and name puzzles.
We will continue to pick up where we left off last week in "Launching Writer's workshop"...building routines such as writing daily and independently, learning how to generate topics, practicing "THINK, DRAW, WRITE, and READ"
Everyday math includes:
Getting to know numbers (1-9) *Reading Chicka, Chicka 1,2,3
Intro to sorting
Sand and Water Play
Birthday graphs
THEMEwork - WEBquest about TREES (learning the parts of a tree)
Playing Tree Tag

Other News:
Andi Ross (our school nurse) will be here on Thursday after lunch to teach us about Scrubby Bear...and doing a "HAND WASHING lesson"!

Swimming on Friday: Please send goggles if your child has a pair and a hat to wear after swimming.

SEPTEMBER 20th - Say's PICTURE day. 

SEPTEMBER 23rd - Open House 6pm, please make arrangements to be at school   for this Informative Evening.

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