Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 4 Griffin Gazette

This week during Reading Workshop we kick off our Scott Foresman Reading Curriculum while learning "ROUTINES" from the Daily 5. Please click on the links to learn more.
Preview our week: 
Concept question - How do we get to school?
READaloud - The little school bus by Carol Roth (rhyming story)
Comprehension skill: Character
Letter Recognition - A,B,C,D,E
SNAP words (words that your child should learn and know in a snap) - I, AM
Tuesday - Thursday (Your child will be bringing home a book on their level) to practice at home with you. I like to call them LAP books (so that your child sits in your lap and reads to or with you). 
DAILY FIVE SKILL - IPICK *good fit book
I - Choose the book
P- Purpose, Why do I want to read it?
I- Interest, Does it interest me?
C- Comprehend, Do I understand what I am reading?
K- Know, I know most of the words.
(Your child will learn this skill and practice it every day. Please help out at home by following the same guidelines when you are at the bookstore, the library, or in your own home. Children who learn to select good-fit books will no longer wander aimlessly in a library or classroom collection looking for a book.)
MATH  this week includes:
Volume (exploring with sand and water table)
Sound and Motion Patterns (exploring with Rhythm sticks)
Getting to know numbers (1-9)
Patterns with color
Coin comparisons
Give the next number game
Writer's workshop this week includes:
Practicing routines
Writing everyday about things we care about
Fish bowl shares
Watching "teacher" model THINK.DRAW.WRITE.READ
THEMEwork this week includes:
Tree parts learned during Tree Tag
Tree visits at the school
Swimming at Green Canyon

Other news:
Class pictures on September 20th!!! Bring your smile!
Swimming on Friday 24th!!! Bring your suit and towel and 2.50.
OPEN HOUSE @ 6:00 pm...Come and learn about our school, get your handbook, and tour the classrooms.

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