Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The first day...

Well, we all survived. What a fun and crazy day. I am sure their little brains were just loaded with NEW information. They did so well though and were such awesome listeners.

A brief summary of our day includes:
Bellwork- came in and worked on our September packet while kids trickled in. Put name tag on.
Learned how to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.
WHOLE school assembly led by Mr. Starkey and staff: Welcome, rules, NEW lunch routine
MORNING meeting- learned jobs, calendar, played name game and sang songs and I introduced KINDERGARTEN CAMPground theme

READING: First Day Jitters/Consensogram *All kids were Excited about today...not nervous or scared
SNACK: Apples and Veggie bootie
RECESS - talked about playground/Played...Critters were a bit overwhelmed out there
TOUR of classroom/TOUR of school
RULES talk: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Friendly

LUNCH in the gym
STORY and RELAX: read Mercer Mayer and more Kindergarten books

FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN handwriting activity
SHARE circle

SNACKS: honey bunnies
CENTERS: Introduced Math, Writing, and Reading

The Kissing Hand activity with stickers and sugar cookie
Rose/Thorn and Dismissal.

Super day....bummer my camera wasn't charged....oh well, guess there's tomorrow.

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