Monday, January 21, 2013

Short week.

This week in reading we are working on...
Why do readers ask questions?
How do readers generate questions?
What do readers wonder about as they read?

Text Features!
What are the text features of non fiction books?
How do text features help readers?

The letter D
Snap words: look and see

Remember books will come home Tuesday - Thursday. Please read with your child every night and send books back the FOLLOWING day for reading groups.

IN writing...
Kids will finish their brainstorming page for their "Small moment YOUNG AUTHOR" story. We will begin to write down the beginning, middle and ending into our books. These stories will be typed at the end so this is a very exciting time in Kindergarten.
Target lessons will include but are not limited to:
1. Word boundaries (keeping letters in a word close together)
2. Spaces in between words
3. Great beginnings (how to write a story that hooks the reader)

IN math...
Tally marks
How big is a foot?
Printing practice
Counting by 5's and assessments

Other things to know...
1. Ski race is on February 25th at 1pm. Mark your calendars!
2. Volunteers...Let me know if you are interested in volunteering. I have a few spots. I also have some creative ideas if you are dying to get in the classroom. Just let me know. I plan to begin mid February and going until Spring break and assessing our needs again.
3. National Handwriting day is on the 23rd. We will be talking a bit about this, but what a great opportunity to write a HANDWRITTEN letter to someone that you know.
4. Please know that you are welcome to come to LUNCH any day at our school, but please let me know that morning so I can sign you up!

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