Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Griffin Gazette and ALMOST February!

Hi there from Kindergarten. We have been very busy in here re-learning routines and practicing procedures. WE ARE GETTING there! I am so excited that the bumps are smoothing right out. The only bummer is that kiddos are still sick. I am making every effort to wash hands a lot and send home sick kids. Please help me by keeping sick kids at home.

This week in Reading:
We are still focused on text features in Nonfiction. We will be learning about facts versus opinions too.
This week READERS began their DAILY 5 chart journals. Each day we will take inventory of what we are doing during READER's workshop to become better readers.
The chart includes-
1. Read to self!
2. Read to someone!
3. Work on writing!
4. Work with words!
5. Listen to reading!

Kids are beginning to understand that they lead their learning. This is a great independent practice that we can monitor together. During this time I work with groups of students or one on one.
BIG READING STRATEGY that we learned today-
Cross checking (Do the pictures and/or words Look right? Do they sound right? Do they make sense? See Yellow reference form that comes home today.

Letter of the week is F!!! Sharing Wednesday - Friday
Snap word review- with, for, look and see

Writing workshop includes:
Stretching out stories
Adding details
Reading good READ alouds
Perfect printing
Sentence practice (capitals and ending marks)

Math includes:
Tally marks
Coin exchange (known as the raft game) exchanging 5 pennies for a nickel
Standard versus nonStandard measurement

Other things to know!
MONDAY IS THE 100th day of school. Please bring a ziplock back full of 100 items for our  1ooth day trail mix snack. Some good ideas would be:
1. chocolate chips
2. Marshmallows
3. any kind of nut
4. raisins
5. pretzel sticks
6. m&m's
7. Dried fruits
8. yogurt rasins
9. sunflower seeds
10. pumpkin seeds

February 14th is VALENTINE's day. We will have a class party at 1:30. Please start prepping class valentines. Please make one for every child in our class. Feel free to make other student cards or teacher cards. 
Please bring in a tissue box, cereal box, shoe box or small box to school between now and February 11th. 
I will start volunteers February 12th. Please let me know if you are interested. 

Practice shoe tying at home!!! I have a great song if you want it. Let me know!

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