Tuesday, April 24, 2012

THiS weEk!!!!

EARTH day clean up!

Filling the bag....Spring clean up around school!

Gideon brings dried hollyhocks to the dumpster.

ANd then everyone else does too!

My EArth day promise: Turn off the lights.

Young Author's night: Congrats Kindergarten!

Look at all these authors of great books!

Look at that CROWD!
This week in reading:
Letter /Uu/
We are working on summarizing a story by pointing out the main idea and also being able to share details from the story. Students will practice this skill independently this week on their own graphic organizers.
This is our final week in Unit 4 and next week we begin Unit 5!
Lots and Lots and Lots of review!

We will be visiting the WILSON farm tomorrow at 10 - 11:30 before lunch. Have your child wear their mud boots and jeans if you want. Feel free to join us there or come on over and ride the bus!

NEXT WEEK is the Missoula Children's play...Little Mermaid.
This is a WEEK long event with a Saturday performance at the Driggs High school. Time to be announced later in the week.

Math skills this week include:
More measurement
tally marks

During Science this week we are working on cleaning up our schoolyard and cleaning out the garden. The kids have made an EARTH day promise. They will be coming home on Wednesday. Work with your child on their promise.

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