Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16th - 20th

Happy Monday to everyone!
I have someone new to introduce to you!
Meet Swinger (named by class of 2012)
AS you may of heard, Virgil retired in February. He has been busy for 7 years traveling to Kindergartners and first grader's houses. Sooooooo, Mrs. Griffin went looking for a new monkey and while in Las Vegas, NV at the rainforest cafe this one came swinging onto her table! Swinger will be making HOME visits beginning next year. 
This week in Kindergarten:
We will be reading Max takes the train and talking about story sequence. Kindergartners will be practicing using graphic organizers this week. You will see T charts, prediction papers, sequencing charts,  Venn diagrams, and other organizers so that they better understand the text.
Our letter of the week is X however we will go back and review J and W.
Snap words include: yellow blue green and have
We will be reading and writing poetry as well!  Check out our SPRING poems in the hallway.

WRiting this week is lots and lots and lots of preparing and reading our YOUNG AUTHOR's story because THURSDAY is the big day. Thursday night at 7pm is our ANNUAL Young Author's celebration night. This year you will receive an invitation about our STORIES ALIVE WAX MUSEUM. It is a formal affair. I look forward to see you all there. Please let me know right away if your child won't be there.

Math this week includes:
Measurement by our foot
Measurement by the REAL foot
Playing addition top it with DICE
Counting by 5's and graphing sums
Tally Marks and Equivalent names for numbers
Teaching coin exchange (pennies and nickels)

1. Thursday is Young Author's night.
2. Friday April 19th Kindergarten registration paperwork is DUE.
3. Kindergarten pre-screening is April 24th
4. WHITE t-shirts are due by FRIDAY.
5. April 30th - May 4th is Missoula children's theatre
6. May 7th - 11th is our ABC dance preparation...with a performance at 2:00 that Friday!!!! Mark your calendars please.
7. June 7th is our VOLUNTEER appreciation luncheon at the Alta school.

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