Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Say! It's May!!!

Hi all!!! I am glad my news is out. It is an EXCITING and sad time for me. I have been so happy here at the Alta school. It just turns out that not everything was working for my family. We are thrilled to be moving to Morrisville...working there and in Stowe. I am so looking forward to starting back to school in the next year or so. I hope you know this is not good bye...but, it's see you soon. Please do not hesitate to look me up in Vermont if you are passing through or coming for a visit. I will send my contact info to your inbox. In the meantime, let's enjoy our last few weeks together!

Monday was our Mother's Day Tea party. We enjoyed scones, muffins, cookies, strawberries and cream and some hot tea. It was fun to sit, snuggle and serve our moms. We LOVE our moms!

Some other things to know about...

The new teacher coming to Alta School is a great friend of mine and I am so excited for the Alta community and her. She is thrilled to come and teach here. 

Kinders are working hard on our performance for next Thursday. We have also been working with Avery's mom (Sheena) designing and creating our shirts. They are looking very cool!

Space Lab is here next week. K's will visit the lab to learn more about space. Mrs. Stitt's class is studying space and they invited us down. Yea!

I could use some Pinata making volunteers. We were hoping to start after lunch around 12:30 on Friday. Any takers on CRAFTING with us!!!! Let me know. The Pinatas are for the BIG PROJECT celebration next Thursday night.

Snack help...HELP! We ran out of snack money. I bought enough to get us through this week and possibly Monday...but if you have anything around the house such as:
Cheese sticks
Boiled Eggs
Please make sure snacks are GLUTEN free!!!! 

DATES to write down- 
May 23rd at 5:30 - ? Big Project celebration at the Alta School...stay tuned for more details at the end of the week.

May 27th is Memorial school

June 5th is the Slide A Thon...stay tuned!

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