Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This week so far and some news!

Help out at home by checking to see how your child is writing, coloring, drawing and let's fix it!

You might see your child come home with one of these. Your child is correcting their pencil grip.
At the end of last week we celebrated the end of our Small moment unit/Young Author's unit! This is a big feat for Kindergartners and all Alta kids alike. We do a lot of work around this story and the artwork. I let kids have a sneak peek at their published stories. They were so excited. You will see more of these stories in April when we have our Young Author's celebration night.
Sharing stories.
 This week is a big week in Elementary schools all over the country. We celebrate Dr. Seuss, his birthday, his stories and his silly self. Monday was crazy sock day. Anne Long (the district reading facilitator) read to our class. The kids love the idea of a mystery reader. When a mystery reader walks in, I shout "MYSTERY reader, Mystery reader" and they shout it back following by "come to the carpet, mystery reader!"....too cute.

Barb showed up today to read...a hard one...Fox in Socks! Such a tongue twister. Impressive.
 Stay tuned for more pictures of this very fun week. 
During Math we have been learning about the NUMBER grid. Kids brought home a grid last night.
We are learning how to use one for games, counting and adding and subtracting. We played Number chart online!
Click the link above to play it at home. 

Silly Hat Day!

Play place...just another day!

More hats!

News and such!
If you haven't brought in sunglasses for our upcoming math movie...please do by next Monday.
Did you notice the Handwriting paper that came home last night. I sent it with the ABC sheet so that you know how uppercase and lowercase letters go on the lines. Let me know if you have any questions. 

We are having a mini-math celebration on March 20th. Stay tuned for a time. I am wanting to do a little evening thing...would this work for all you parents?

March 21st I am out for Professional development and March 22nd I leave for Alabama to attend my brother's wedding. 

May 14th is the Kindergarten Screening for new incoming K's. Spread the word.

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