Monday, February 11, 2013

Short week and Valentine's party! is Thomas Edison's birthday AND we get to bring in a stuffed animal to school (reward for good behavior)! And tomorrow is Lincoln's birthday. And Thursday is Valentine's day. And Friday teachers have an inservice so kids don't have school. It's a busy short week.
Do you wanna know what we did today. We skyped BASHO Mosko! Are you wondering "who is Basho?"...well, check him out HERE! Starting this week we are embarking on a Whole school project that has language and cultural pieces. BAsho and friends will be visiting our school in April to write, record and make music videos. And in May we will have a huge school-wide celebration showcasing all grades performing either a song...skit...puppet show and their will be a unveiling of the music video...and we even hope to have a dj and dancing...stay tuned! Until then we are learning about the Latino culture in different parts of the world. This week is Cuba!

I also began lunch bunch last week with 2 kids. Every week I will be meeting with 2 kids to eat, talk and build a relationship with at lunch time. I am looking forward to this time with your children.

Thursday is PAPER making with Kindergarten and First grade. We will be working in groups to make paper for our young author's book. I need one more volunteer. Let me know if you can come from 8:30 -10.

The Valentine's party is also on Thursday. I try to keep this pretty simple. We will be doing a craft, delivering valentines, and having a gluten free snack. I do not need any volunteers.

No school on Friday.

We have "O" sharing from Wednesday - Friday. We work on vowels for 2 weeks. Remember to bring in sharing!

Things to know!
Parent/Teacher conferences are the last week in February. Please let me know if one day is better than another asap!

Monday is Presidents' day. We don't have school!

Feb. 21 is Avery's BETTER know your eagle!

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