Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Week!

Sorry about the late postings on these last 2 blogs. It's been a very busy week! Let's start with some of our Halloween Pictures!

 What a spread!
 These kids are trying to figure out the problem of how to keep the toilet paper from splitting!

 Zoe's a mummy!

We have been having a ton of fun learning in math!

 A little game known as "Teen Tangle"
 Look at all those buttons!
What kind of building can you make with 14 blocks?

This week we will be learning:
Reading- We will be talking a lot about Connecting the stories we read to ourselves = Text-to-self
(This reminds me of me or my life)
(This reminds me of another story)
(This reminds me of something outside of the book)
We will also be learning more about the letter A!

Writing- We are beginning to write small moment stories. That means the kids are taking a story and stretching it out to have a beginning, middle and an end. This story is going to be stretched over 3 PAGES!!!!

Math- Get out those adding machines because we are going to start learning the basics of addition along with symmetry!

Science- We are going to revisit what we know about fabric and continue where we left off in our science unit!

Social Studies- We took our Candy Bar Vote on Monday to see what candy is our favorite! On Tuesday the kids will be learning about the Presidential Candidates and will fill our a real ballot for who they think should be President! Check out our post next week to see who won!

Dates to Remember: Parent/ Teacher Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday
Friday, November 9- No School!
Monday, November 12- Veteran's Day 
November 21- Early Release at 12:30
November 22- 23- No school HAPPYY THANKSGIVING!!!

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