Friday, October 19, 2012

This week in school we have a lot planned:

Reading- The kiddos will be learning the snap words: is, have
We will also be working on identifying the characters of the stories we are reading as well as the setting. We will learn about the sequence of a story so that the kids will be able to retell the story to their classmates with their Plaidypus Puppets they made last week.

Writing- This week, the kids will be creating more lists. We will also be learning about our ABC charts that we keep in our folders and we will also be learning how to use the Word Wall to find words we want to put in our stories. The kids are also practicing 'hearing a sound and writing it down'.

Math- We will be working on one to one correspondence with numbers this week as well as beginning our study of money. We will be learning new math games about counting and about money!

Important dates to add to you calendar:

October 25th- Our PTO Chili Dinner and Raffle starting at 5:30
October 20th- No school for the kids
October 31st- Our Halloween Party!

Just to sum up a very busy day with information you may want;

1) Deputy Matt from Jackson came to speak to our students about "strangers".  There were two sessions, older students and younger (k-2) students.  The conversation was very gentle and friendly.  He touched on a few points I thought you might want to know.  1) Strangers can be good or bad, but you may not know which. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure find a 2) safe adult - this could be an officer, a parent, a teacher, a group of adults  3) Don't help an adult who asks for help.  Adults should only ask other adults for help.  Don't trust some stranger who asks for help (even finding their dog) 3) Don't get in or near a car of a stranger ever 4) Trick or Treat with an adult 5) Ask you parents to point out the safe places you can ask for help

Also, Vancie's party was beautiful with lots of tears and laughter.  Ask your child about it! Thanks to those you made it, sorry to those whose timing didn't work out.  Let me know if you have more questions about the event.

Have a great weekend!

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