Friday, August 31, 2012

What a great first week of Kindergarten! Our little Buckaroos are really roping in the rules. On Thursday, the kids went on a school wide trip to learn all the routines and rules of all the different parts of the school! They went to the playground, the bathrooms, the cafeteria and the hallways. They learned the 4 B's of the school.

Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be friendly

Ask your kids to see if they remember all of the motions!

Friday was fun day! The kids practiced all of the rules, play Matman and then create their own 'Matman' of themselves! They will be displayed in the hallway for everyone to see! They also got an extra special Kindergarten recess. We look forward to next week when we will be practicing classroom procedures and routine as well as learning about each other and ourselves! Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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