Monday, January 25, 2010

GRIFFIN gazette

This week in Kindergarten...
I heard a lot of this today: "Mrs. Griffin, I am skiing the deep powder", "Help, I am stuck....and I can't get up", "This is so fun...let's go get stuck in all the powder"...
Gotta love the WINTER ski program!!! Thanks to all our volunteers that have been out teaching and patrolling the mountain for little rippers!
We are reading: Little Quack by Lauren Thompson
Our concept question is: What new things can you do as you grow and change?
Letter of the week: Rr
Snap words: me, with, she
See Family times for more!

During Writer's workshop we are beginning our "ALL about books" this week. WE have a guest WRITING teacher on Wednesday who knows a lot about teaching writing, so she will team teach with me. We are surrounding ourselves in NON-fiction, so listen for LOTS of facts over the next few weeks!
Mini lessons we are working on:
SPACEMAN: using a little spacer to practice our spaces between words
Printing properly on lines
Adding more
Fancying up our writing

Pocket problems
reviewing games and estimation
counting: up from any number, down from any number, by 2's, 5's, 10's
Does your child know there phone number and address?

We are learning more about animals everyday. We learned a lot about Pandas last week. Kindergarteners will be choosing an animal that they know a lot about to do their "ALL about" book on in Writer's workshop.

Rr this week

Field trips:
Senior Citizen center is scheduled for FEB. 12th.

Other news:
Our School is currently going through an ACCREDITATION process. FEBRUARY 4th and 5th you will see a team of teachers in and out of our classrooms. Click here to learn more!

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