Thursday, January 21, 2010

Griffin Gazette

Griffin Gazette

This week in Kindergarten…

We have our 2nd day of “Winter Sports” program. Last week went great. Come on out and join us for our free ski from 2:30-4:00! We are reading: Little Panda this week and our letters are /N/ and /B/ We will be learning how to compare and contrast. See FAMILY times for more information.

During Writer’s workshop we are wrapping up our first “small moment” story. We are aiming for a publishing party on Friday. Writers are working through the fixing and fancying up stage right now. I am excited about how much they have learned and where we are headed. Look to be invited to the NEXT P-party.

During Math we will be measuring, learning how to solve pocket problems (addition and subtraction), learning number card games, and discussing probability.

Trees are so fun to learn about in Kindergarten. Last Friday we read THE TREE (it’s a Native American song made into a book) with beautiful illustrations. We talked a lot about the importance of trees and played a little tree tag too. We also used our body to paint TREES. Look for them in the hallway soon.


Please help your child remember their classroom shoes so that our classroom stays dry after recess.

REMEMBER WEDNESDAY is our Library day. Let’s work really hard to return our books each Wednesday.

Martin Luther King day was on Monday. We read Martin’s Big words and discussed it. We are working on a journal about MLK and us. We are talking about how we are the same and how we are different. We are exploring friendships with people who are older, younger, big, little, brown, and white. We are planning a trip to the SENIOR citizen center to explore this more.

Sharing this week: N AND B

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