Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wel...we knew it would eventually come!

So, today is your day!
You are off to great are off and away!

This is not only the last day of Kindergarten for your little one...but for me too. 
After today I will be moving on to a 4/5 year old classroom.

I will be posting pictures of kiddos next Monday and Tuesday. Remember you can print right from the blog and make a book from the blog too. Let me know if you would like directions on how to do that!

If you are wondering what to do this summer...
You should:
1. Combine books with activities for a book about a baseball game or player..then go catch a game in Idaho Falls or even the minor league team in Salt Lake!
2. Visit the Library and sign up for the summer reading program.
3. Lead by example. Read the paper. A book. Anything.
4. Talk it up. Share what you read with your child.
5. Help the kids find time for reading.
6. Relax the rules...come on, it's summer!
7. Have lots of reading material around.
8. Buy and decorate summer adventure journals.
9. Read aloud with your kids.
OH yea....have some fun!

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